Scam alert: fake Skype prize?

Two Danwei readers have written in about a new scam being spread though Skype in China. They got Skype messages in Chinese saying that they could win a RMB 18,800 prize by clicking through to a special website and filling in some details.

The website is It's decorated like a Skype page, and even has 'about us' links to at the bottom of the page ( controls Skype in China). After filling in various details, the website asks for payment through

The domain name was registered on November 11 2006 by Xin Net Technology Corporation in Beijing.

There is a phone number on the website — the man who answered it when your correspondent called said that the website was not on's website because it was a special campaign mini-site.

According to the person who answered's customer enquiry phone number, neither Tom nor Skype are connected with the activity on the ikugoo website

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