Sex and manufactured scandal: The Blood Sex Tape

Yoqoo, is currently featuring this short film entitled "Blood Sex Video" (流血的黄色录象). It was uploaded two days ago and has already been viewed more than 800,000 times according to Yoqoo's counter.

U1305P167DT20060912160015.jpgThe film series centers around a young man Liu Zhimin (刘志民) and his girlfriend Xiao Qing (小清), who make a make a homemade sex video. Through circumstances unknown to the young couple, the video makes its way onto the internet, causing a "massive uproar". A documentary team decides to interview the young couple. In the recording of the initial interview, an upset Xiao Qing rushes off camera. The camera soon rushes after her in time to get a shot of her dead body lying on the ground nine stories below the bedroom window. Throughout the remainder of the series the documentary crew accompanies Liu Zhimin on his bloody quest for vengeance.

A little digging confirms immediate suspicions that the documentary is staged. For one, the director claims it won the best documentary film award in the 29th Montreal International Film Festival, an honor that was actually a tie between "Camp Out" and "La Politique du Coeur". "Blood Sex Tape" seems inspired by the real case of a Singaporean student known as Tammy (Wikipedia link) who recorded a sex video with her boyfriend on her mobile phone. The mobile was later stolen and the illicit content uploaded to the internet, resulting in an online uproar. There are rumors in the blog space that Tammy has committed suicide, although Tammy's personal blog was updated as recently as today. "Blood Sex Tape" is a dramaticised documentary that takes Tammy's case as inspiration.

The video is reminiscent of the US's Lonelygirl15 in terms of attracting an audience by creating a series of films portraying fiction as dramatic reality, and simultaneously causing a storm in online conversation. However an important difference is that these videos concern a sexual scandal.

Sex seems to be an emerging theme in China's online video sharing. Yoqoo gained prominence among the legions of Chinese video sharing sites when it released celebrity Zhang Yu's (张钰) video evidence that actresses often are expected to exchange sex for roles in films. After attracting a great deal of attention in both the online and offline media, the authorities ordered Yoqoo to remove the videos from their site. Indeed, the thresholds of censor sensitivity are being tested again with "Blood Sex Tapes", which features brief shots of clear nudity and only slightly pixelated sexual imagery. Yoqoo seems to be adhering to Chinese blogger Lao Bai's now infamous observation; behind every successful website in China is a naked woman.

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its getting fake especially at where the guy got hit by the car.




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