Sexy social networking in China

Porn and sexual services often lead the way on the Internet: For example, the so-called 'adult entertainment industry' has been much faster to adapt to Internet realities such as streaming video than the traditional mainstream media.

But in the overcrowded Chinese social networking website space, sexy sites seem to be er, latecomers to the party of Facebook clones such as Xiaonei, Kaixinwang and Zhanzuo.

Here are two new sexy networking sites:
; the name is a pun on, meaning something along the lines of 'Lustbook'. which also advertises the lesbian oriented

You may notice that the design schemes are ripped straight from Facebook. As are all the other Facebook clones in China; see screenshots below:



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Comments on Sexy social networking in China

As disappointing as it is that they don't bother to come up with an original design, I'm glad to see these Facebook clones depart from the "wall of text" approach that's typical of Chinese portals.

Now we see why you've been posting less to Danwei of late, Jeremy.

We should not encourage JG... He should instead adventure, and explore more of the non-tourist parts of the great wall; go forth and bring us more updates on the strange creatures that inhabit the wilderness surrounding beijing (and occasionally the ones in it. Also, weirdos should not be considered strange creates, merely strange humans). JG is a true gonzo journalist, not unlike me, except I'm a gonzo Sith Lord instead of a journalist.

Okay.. JG left?

NOw that's out of the way, I can finally get these sites all to myself...Wahahahahah. Fool. There is nothing in the wilderness of Beijing since I shot them all... the Greatwall? Nothing but holograms and trolled by spy bots in various tourist disguises. BTW, the farmers trying to sell you stuff? Nope, not part of the Sith...They are legit, so feel free to browse their wares; you definitely need that health pack and that +2 strength modifier on your quest.

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