Sexy teachers: Xinhua's new source is trash tabloid Weekly World News


Xinhua is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Not long after after plagiarizing from Danwei, the state-owned news agency has taken an article from Weekly World News, an American weekly tabloid known for stories with headlines like DINOSAURS FOUND ALIVE and WORLD'S HOTTEST LESBIAN CAN TURN ANY WOMAN GAY!

Russ Elliot writes:

I've discovered an interesting story on the Chinese website for Xinhua. The story describes a new push in American middle and high schools for teachers to dress sexy... After doing a search on Google, I discovered a similar story in English on the website for tabloid Weekly World News. In fact, the Chinese story seems to be a nearly sentence-for-sentence translation of the WWN story.

The image reproduced here is from the Xinhua website, and does not appear to be taken from Weekly World News, so it seems that some naughty Xinhua photo editor has been searching the Internet for teacher porn.

Xinhua: Sexy American teachers make students concentrate

Weekly World News is owned by American Media, which also publishes that well known bastion of high journalistic standards, the National Enquirer.

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