Sichuan anti-P2P-porn campaign goes nationwide

Last week Danwei reported that the Sichuan Public Security Bureau (i.e. the cops) had started a campaign against pornography shared on peer-to-peer networks and in chat rooms.

Today's Beijing News has a wire article from Xinhua's Beijing bureau saying that the cops are now starting a nationwide campaign along similar lines: they will force Internet users to register using their real names and punish people who share or allow the sharing of obscene and "unhealthy" materials. This article makes particular mention of the cops' concern about Bit Torrent (which they call it BT论坛), a non-centralized method of sharing files that is easy to use after downloading a small piece of software.

Here's wishing the Nanny a fun wild goose chase, trying to apprehend youngsters who download porn: you go girl!

The Beijing News: PSB to rectify chat rooms (In Chinese)
Introduction to Bit Torrent

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