Sichuan police launch crackdown on P2P porn

Xinhua's Chinese website reports:

Chatroom websurfers beware! If you post pornographic pictures, films and obscene information in chatrooms, you risk being exposed and punisahed by the law. Yesterday journalists learned from the Sichuan Province Public Security Burea that the police are starting a one month rectification and crackdown on pornographic content exchanged over peer-to-peer networks and video chat rooms.

The report states that people who run P2P networks, chat rooms and bulletin boards will be required to register with their real names and will be responsible for materials posted or shared on networks and websites under their supervision. From the way the article is written, it seems that neither the police nor the Xinhua editors are 100% clear how peer-to-peer works.

Anyhow, good luck fellas! If the Recording Industry Association of America can't stop file trading, how much hope do the Sichuan cops have?

Xinhua: Sichuan starts crack down on pornographic blah blah (in Chinese)

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