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Just in case you haven't had enough of the Mainland's anti-Japanese action, here are some links for further contemplation:

- The photo reproduced here is from a gallery of images of the weekend protests, shot by a young Chinese photographer on a Sony camera. Viewers have posted comments. One of them says "Well photographed, but you should change to a Chinese-made camera." Great advice for anti-Japanese protestors, if it was actually possible to be buy a half-decent Chinese digital camera.

- From the Coming Anarchy blog:
We've created a monster, which argues that "China’s anti-Japanese nationalism is a modern invention".
Apples and Oranges, which argues that Japan's wartime crimes in Asia are not comparable to the Holocaust.

- From the Mutant Frog blog:
Banned manga depicting Najing Massacre which shows that "the Japanese public at large is in fact exposed to and open to a range of viewpoints regarding history and are not opposed to the truth, and secondly that the ultra rightists, in their vocal attempts to stifle what the public sees, succeed in becoming the only voice picked up by international media." The post includes links to the entire manga and other relevant information.
What Yasukuni [shrine] says about the Nanjing Massacre, what most Japanese probably know including a photo of signage at the museum next to the shrine.
Japanese Right wing truck with photo and description of the propaganda trucks driven around Japanese neighborhoods by right wing groups.

- ESWN blog
The Roots of Anti-Japanese Feelings in China

Thanks to Ben for the photo gallery link

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