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Running a website brings special joys, such as a large amount of spam, and email from psychos across the globe. Today, your correspondent received this from a person identifying himself as Nhut Nguyen:


You are actually a jankee male whore.

You should go home as soon as possible.

Any questions?

No, no questions.

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Comments on Spam of the month

What a nice chap.

However, you must agree, Jeremy, that the guy has a point.

When Naughty meets Naive...

I think he means Yankee male whore. I also have no questions, apart from the typo, it's pretty clear!

Whoa, I got that same e-mail! Except I don't think I was called "Jery." No joke.


Are you sure "Jankee Male Whore" isn't a brand of Chinese toothpaste?

Doesn't "Yankee" supposedly derive from the Dutch "Jan Kees"?

Hang on a minute!

I am the only Jankee Male Whore in this village...

I sense that I am missing a joke here Anon, but I heard "Yankee" derived from a Native American pronunciation of "the English" as something like "Yingees."

Not sure if it means a new trend is afoot, but after 8+ years of having a China-related site online, it received its first China-hating type Contact page message just today, which reads:

Name: The KKK (
How you found us: None Of Yo Damn bisiness
Country: America Bitch
Message: Fuck dis website yall are sum asses and fuck the chinese

And who says Amur'kuns aren't passionate about world affairs anymore?...(though for some reason I picture a 13-year old in Arkansas some such personage on the other end of the communique).

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