State-owned babe watch: Paris Hilton

On state-owned news agencies website: Xinhua: Paris Hilton accused of stealing own sex video (with pictures).

UPDATE: If you're not interested in Paris Hilon's cleavage, you might find this Xinhua report interesting:

Liu Yunshan, head of the Publicity Department of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) Central Committee, said in the campaign in 2005, top priority will be given to elimination of illegal publications because these publications pose a serious threat to social stability.

"To create a healthy environment for the young, we should relentlessly crack down on books, cartoons, video-games with contents of violence, porn, and superstitions and close down porn web-sites and sex phone stations," he said...

..."The Internet and short messages sent by mobile phones should also be closely examined," he added.

In last July, China launched a nationwide campaign to clean up Internet porn that are supposed to harm the nation's "young minds."

Xinhua report on crackdown

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