Stem cell treatment in China: the first glowing report

Xinhua reports:

A New Zealand 64-year-old stem cell recipient has returned home soundly from surgery in China and within hours of her arrival played nine holes of golf, according to New Zealand media reports Monday.

Rotorua woman Willie Terpstra, who suffers from motor neurone disease, had stem cell surgery in a Beijing hospital on March 21.

This is the start of a next big wave of outsourcing: medical treatment. China is already one of the cheapest places in the world to get laser eye surgery (LASIK), and because the doctors are doing so many operations, they are also amongst the world's most experienced physicians in this field.

As doctors fees skyrocket in the US and other countries, and regulation hampers the development of new treatments, China's Bladerunner future will probably include stem cell therapy centers and other clinics offering Frankentreatments that make the West squeamish.

Xinhua: NZ's stem cell recipient back from Beijing
China Stem Cell Net (Some English newsbites but most content in Chinese)

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