Stopping people's mouths

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Danwei's sister website, One a day dot org publishes a Chinese idiom with English translation and pinyin every week day. Here's a sample:

fang2 min2 zhi1 kou3 shen4 yu2 fang2 chuan1

Stopping people's mouths is more difficult than damming rivers

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UPDATE: From the Flyisland in the comments: This idiom is perhaps better translated as: "Stopping people's mouths is more more dangerous than damming rivers".

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i think this english translation maybe be wrong.

It means the result of Stopping people's mouths is more dangerous than the result of damming rivers.

防民之口,甚于防川。川壅而溃,伤人必多,民亦如之。是故为川者,决之使导;为民者, 宣之使言。

I agree with flyinland, the translation is wrong, I think it can be roughly translated as"(to the rulers)it's important to stop people's mouth than to stop the flooding rivers".


I've subscribed to Oneaday in my RSS reader and really enjoy it.

Yesterday I had a chance to use the above idiom on my wife (she's Chinese) who kept yacking on and on while I was trying to do something else.

It stopped her mid sentence and then we both burst out laughing.

flyisland's translation is right. the words after the idiom itself says its meaning.

Here are some references:

发音:fáng mín zhī kǒu,shèn yú fáng chuān

I think it's important to understand the idiom before you translate it.

The name and logo with a pink dot makes me think its a site for a pill you take once a day for some female problem.


Thanks for your comment. I made the correction on the website.


Thanks for visiting Oneaday dot org

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