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Danwei is currently the top result returned by Google when searching for Sun Mingming, the 7 foot 9 giant from Dongbei who is following in Yao Ming's footsteps by trying out for the NBA.

As a consideration for non-Chinese-reading Googlers, here are links to Chinese language searches for Sun Mingming images. Note that not all the results feature the basketball player: Sun Mingming is far from unique as a name.

- Sun Mingming on Google Images
- Sun Mingming on Baidu Images
- Previous Danwei report on Sun Mingming

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hi i'm a great fan of basketball and hope to make it to the nba . BUT it seems to be all the tall people are getting picked to play pro basketball. Like yao ming and theres a new one called sum ming ming. I have seen the 2 of them play there not amazing i have seen much better. One of my older cuzins is 6'3 and he can dunk and he is amazing. Just because you are tall dosn't meen your any better at basketball than people that are shorter than you.

i'm sorry, but sometimes it does matter how tall you are. do you really think your cousin could go up against a 7'8" giant? when he was only 6'3". maybe he can take him on the perimeter and stuff but that's about it. being that tall is special. and they get chosen over smaller people because of that. if you're that tall and you can play ball then you're very special and more prone to get chosen to play pro. if you're like your cousin, 6'3" and can "dunk" and is "amazing" there are thousands of others exactly like him. but not like sun ming ming. i don't care how amazing your cousin is he can't offer what a giant can.

yup your rite...but whos taller beetween yao and sun dude

sun ming ming dude is taller
like...of sum centimeter

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