Talk Talk China closes

Talk Talk China, the blog where three hardened expatriates detailed their frustrations with life in China to hilarious effect, is closing down. For a year and half, the blog entertained cynical foreigners and enraged the odd nationalist and politically correct Westerner, but that's over now.

This is their farewell message:

The time has come to say goodbye. In the 1.5 years that TalkTalkChina has been up and running, we’ve had our soapbox to complain - and complain we did. This blog was set up because we just needed to get things off our chest and validate our frustrations. You have helped us do just that!

So why are we shutting it down now, at this time of seemingly great “success”? Well…because we are lazy. We’ve said what we wanted to say. Things aren’t so bad anymore - China is doing better as a country. It’s no Japan, mind you, but spitting is dwindling, traffic is getting better, pollution can be filtered with cigarettes and more people are choosing more appropriate English names, like “John”, instead of “Strong”.

To paraphrase Tyrell in the film Bladerunner: The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long - and you have burned so very, very brightly, D men.

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Comments on Talk Talk China closes

You stupid %%$%@!@ rednecks giving up so soon? Let's talk about how white people get wrinkly and fat before their time.

a better China as a more Westernalized China?

Shame that.

What we really need is for some of these blogs written by English teachers about China to shut themselves down. That would be progress in cyberspace, especially as they don't know a thing about the country but cannot seem to admit it.

At least they had the idea to shut down after they had tried hard to come up with any new reason to complain and finally found they weren't creative enough.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

I LOVED Talk Talk China.
It got me through some dark hours in China (although I wasnt so much of a fan of the rather sexist talk at times). Overall it was hilarious.
so sorry to see the blog go.

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