Talking about Japan in the street: reaction to Antiwave video

The post below this one is a Danwei TV interview with the guys behind the Antiwave podcast, Flypig and Ping Ke.

Flypig posted the Youtube version of our video on his blog late last night, soon after we first released it. This morning there were three comments:

1. Translated from Chinese: "Kids born in the 80s are total flakes..." [quoted from Ping Ke in the video]

2. In English:
This is cool. The first Danwei video i watched was QD rapper, which introduced by a 2006 YouTube clips review at UCLA Asia Pacific Arts website.

About the Sino-Japanese relation problem, I am interested. There is a magazine that I work at will hold a conference about this problem at March. We will record speeches, and if possible will film this conference as a documentry as well. (This depends on York film production students'schedule)

This is the link about this incoming conference. I will past your website to the organizer. Maybe we can find a way to broadcast some content in the future.

3. Translated from Chinese:
That bit about "I like Japan" makes me want to puke.

Feelings about Japan are not just because of their criminal past. It's because they have not admitted that they did any crimes.

If you like Japan, just talk about it to yourself in your own room. If you really talk about it on the street, you might get beaten up, but it won't even be by the angry youth ('fenqing') that you mention.

Ping Ke also mentioned the video on his blog. His post attracted a different type of comment (translated from Chinese):

If you could go work at the Customs Department at that time, it meant you had a good family background. 

Of course, it's normal to rebel.

If the above makes no sense to you, watch the video on the previous Danwei post (Tudou version), or below on Youtube.

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