Tang Jiali nude photos

At the same time that the the Department of Culture is banning mildy pornographic network games, search engine Baidu reveals that actress, dancer and minor celebrity Tang Jiali (汤加丽) is currently the top search request on its list of "beautiful women".

The number of searches for Tang can probably be explained by her penchant for publishing books of nude photographs of herself. She also has a website, where you can find a gallery of images that would probably make the old farts at the Department of Culture blush.

There is some information and commentary on Tang and her books on Netease, here.

City Weekend: Profile of Tang Jiali (English)
Beijing Youth Daily Tang's copyright dispute with her photographer (English)
People's Daily: Tang Jiali profile and nude photos (!) (Chinese)
Wikipedia entry

UPDATE: Spelunker writes:

Recently the link has somehow changed into I wonder if those "old farts" at the Ministry of Culture are also big fans of as it seems Miss Tang's disappearance from the net coincides with her appearance on your site.

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