The capitalist road is beautiful

China's state-owned news agency Xinhua is starting to get the plot. 2003 has seen Xinhua decide that idle entertainments such as Mu Zi Mei and beauty competitions are A-OK. Xinhua gave extensive coverage to Miss China and Miss World, and now find beauty pageants so newsworthy that they are even covering Miss South Africa.


From the Xinhua item: "Joan Ramakgoshi, 24, wins the Miss South Africa title for 2003 during the Miss South Africa Contest in Sun City, South Africa, Dec. 13, 2003."

In a related development, Xinhua has bought US financial news service Market News International, "giving it a firm foothold on Wall Street" as the Australian Financial Review puts it.

The Xinhua report on Miss South Africa is here.
An Australian Financial Review report on Xinhua's new acquisition is here, a Washington Times report about it is here.

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