The China Daily on blogs

The China Daily has published a rather boring article on blogs in China. Much of it is about bloggers' responses to the tsunami. The article includes this pearl of wisdom:

[T]here is an East-West difference. In places like the US, those blogs that offer journalistic information tend to attract the largest number of readers whereas Chinese blogs are mostly likely to be devoted to sharing personal feelings.

The China Daily article did not speculate on why so few Chinese write about news and politics on their blogs.

Well hello hello China Daily editors: as journalists your duty is to report the facts, and then explain them. You still have a bit of explaining to do before this article of yours can become a news story of any worth. As your first assigment in Journalism 101, you might want to take a look at some materials about the Stainless Steel Mouse and Du Daobin, just like for reference you know. Start here:

Stainless Steel Mouse
Du Daobin

Stainless Steel Mouse
Du Daobin

The China Daily story is here.

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