The Chinese are actually Jewish

Xinhua reports:

Amateur historian Su San has created an enormous controversy with claims of Chinese ancestors were from the Red Sea area...
In her first book, "A Conjecture on Sanxingdui Civilization," she boldly concludes that the Sanxingdui ruins came from Red Sea civilization. Since excavation in 1929 in Sichuan Province, the Sanxingdui ruins has been the topic of hot debate because of antiques discovered there are exotic and unusual.

 In her second book, "Toward the East," she traced the origin of Chinese civilization through the Old Testament of the Bible...

...According to her study, Hagar, wife of Abraham, established the Xia Dynasty (c. 21st century-16th century BC). His grandson Esau's offsprings built the Shang Dynasty (16th-11th century BC ), and the name of the Zhou Dynasty (11th century-221 BC) originated from the word "Jew."

On the other hand, perhaps Su's claims should be taken with a pinch of Red Sea salt:

Su emphasizes she has more freedom than traditional Chinese archeologists and historians whom she claims work in a rigid style.

"I have a free mind and hate restrain," Su says. "I have no background in education on archeology or ancient cultural study. This allows me to think outside the traditional stereotype and discover the real origins of Chinese."...

...Her first book only took two months to complete.

"I studied the Websites of museums, institutes and online libraries. It's efficient and quick," she says.

But few experts agree with her claims.

"Until now most Sanxingdui antiques belonged to Chinese local civilization and mainstream experts believe Sanxingdui is still a Chinese civilization with only small foreign influences," says He Yun'ao, director of Cultural and Natural Relics Research Institute at Nanjing University.

The whole article is here

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