The Coming Anarchy


The Coming Anarchy is an excellent group blog about pan-Asian geopolitics, written by a Canadian and two Americans who go by the names Younghusband, Curzon and Chirol.

The blog is named after an essay by Robert D. Kaplan, who is an eloquent, unsentimental and unconventional writer of books and articles about some of the world's worst problems and most chaotic countries.

The people who write The Coming Anarchy are also fans of the Victorian era's cold war, the Great Game, hence their pseudonyms and their blog's slogan: "Speak Victorian, think pagan".

All very well and good, and The Coming Anarchy is definitely wrth reading. But sometimes the realpolitik vibe can get a little heavy. For example, today the guy who writes under the pseudonym Curzon is writing that the US "should preemptively strike North Korea with several nuclear warheads without warning".

Well, that's an opinion. Maybe you are right Curzon. And maybe you are wrong. Many people will think that you are completely off your head.

Whatever. But only a fraction of North Korean people work for the government that you so despise. If you are going to argue that those people should get nuked, please do the poor North Koreans the courtesy of telling them who you are.

Let's speak Victorian: It's not decent to drop nuclear bombs on chaps without telling them your real name.

Curzon's post about nuking North Korea is on the Coming Anarchy here.
The image of Curzon was taken from The Coming Anarchy.

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