The love story of two idiots — online video is one of the more promising Chinese Youtube clones. Below is a 33 minute movie that appears to have been specially commisioned by Yoqoo. It's called The love story of two idiots (两个傻子的爱情故事).

The protagonists are a man and woman who have become mentally retarded because of accidents. There is no dialogue and the musical score is both very cheesy and probably copyright infringing, but the production is quite slick, and it has already been viewed several hundreds of thousands of times (according to Yoqoo's own counter).

Thanks to Liu Dele for the link.

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Comments on The love story of two idiots — online video

jeremy, FYI:

Doesn't seem to be working in Shanghai, my Safari tells me the embedded flv-videofile is "forbidden" to access. Geez, are they blocking videos now due to the internet-earthquake?

I'm not sure if this a tragically beautiful story or a light-hearted comedy about the travails of romance in the big city.

Um... seriously though: I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more if there weren't all the distracting Enya music. Jeremy and juhuacha, I'm in Beijing, but I can't for the life of me get this thing to load. What gives?

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