The US navy's China strategy, by Robert D. Kaplan


Robert D. Kaplan is one of the most interesting commentators writing on geo-political matters in the early 21st century. His essays and travel pieces about countries like Chad, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone are unsentimental accounts of screwed-up places, and how those places have global importance. He writes with a tone that is refreshingly free of moralizing and usually free of partisan arguments.

Kaplan recently wrote a piece for the Atlantic Monthly, called How We Would Fight China, "We" being the USA.

On this side of the Pacific pond, New York Times Shanghai correspondent Howard French has kindly made like Xinhua and republished the entire text of the article (elsewhere available only behind the Atlantic's Monthly's paid subscription wall).

LINKS: How We Would Fight China, by Robert D. Kaplan
The Atlantic Monthly: How We Would Fight China, by Robert D. Kaplan (requires paid subscription)
Wikipedia: Robert D. Kaplan

The image was taken from a Colorado College web page about a symposium called September 11: One Year Later.

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