The wisdom of Charles Zhang

Charles Zhang 张朝阳 in 2004

The big headline on Danwei today links to a Bloomberg story about Excerpt: Inc., China’s second- biggest Internet portal, will build up its online and search advertising businesses after spinning off its games unit in the first U.S. initial share sale by a Chinese company since August.

“We will focus on monetizing our business such as online advertising, search advertising, video and may even charge for content,” Chief Executive Officer Charles Zhang said in an interview in New York. “Growth will also come from Pinyin messaging based on search-engine technology.”

Advertising, charging for content, video: OK, OK.

But what could that last sentence possibly mean?

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I believe he is referring to their Sogou pinyin system, which they have accused Google of copying. link

Yes, but what has that cute, revenue-less technology got to do with "growth"?

Ads delivered via their pinyin IME platform? Tracking software that collects usage data? Scripts that connect you to the Sogou Botnet?

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