Six websites criticized for being "vulgar"

Too vulgar for citizen's good

The Internet Society of China (ISC) sounds like an industry association but is more like an additional tool for the government to keep websites in line: when you hear about Chinese websites signing self-discipline pledges, it's usually under the auspices of this organization.

The ISC recently released a blacklist of six Internet portals and forums that were found to be "spreading low and vulgar content". The ISC has set up a reporting center to receive netizens' reports on illegal and unhealthy internet information.

A picture forum on, the huge but confused portal, is on the list.

Other websites that were criticized include the entertainment channel of, Sichuan online, the picture forum of Shenzhen Hotline, the community channel of Qingdao News, and the forum on Changjiang net.

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Hey Jeremy, just a minor fix: Tom de-listed itself last year and went private again, so it's no longer traded on the Nasdaq.

Thanks Kaiser, mistake amended.

Another website that has been closed down (possibly temporarily) is Soho Xiaobao.

Needless to say, it appears that that vast majority of the 'artistic' nudes are white women.

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