Trying to give Chinglish a good name

chinglish_screen.jpg you'd think it would be a website that mocks Chinese English in the way that highlights weird Japanese usage.

But no. This is what says it will do (at same unspecified date in the future):

What is Chinglish?

Chinglish offers webmail with translation (and other tools) built-in to help you communicate in Chinese and English.

Chinglish is also a bilingual community portal aimed at Westerners learning Chinese and Chinese learning English...

Can anyone say "irrational exuberance on the Internet"? Well, at least they did not use the phrase "Web 2.0".

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Comments on Trying to give Chinglish a good name

Smart idea~ though I doubt whether the Chinese users would feel comfortable when they were improving their English in such a website...

The "unspecified date in the future" is 1. October, as stated on the home page.

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