Two different blog awards

Hong Kong blogger Simonworld hosted an 'Asian Blog Awards' poll. The results are here. It's a good reference if you're looking for Asia-related blogs in English.

Meanwhile a website calling itself Not The South China Morning Post or NTSCMP has also presented a list of winners for "Asia Blog Awards 2004".

NTSCMP takes itself a little too seriously. At the top of the homepage are these two quotes:

"I think of Dr. George Adams and "NOT the South China Morning Post" as kin to the lone Chinese who challenged the column of tanks at Tiananmen Square in June of 1989." - Editor and Publisher Magazine

"One of the top fifty names on the international Web." - Online Journalism Review

That's a little excessive for what is essentially a badly designed blog with a small readership. Furthermore NTSCMP seems to feel slightly threatened by blogs, and has an irregular feature called Blogwatch, which mocks Hong Kong bloggers.

Nonetheless, Not The South China Morning Post is worth visiting because it is often very funny. Here are some excerpts from the site's Asian Blog Awards:

BLOG LEAST LIKELY TO BE MISSED : Of all the blogs that expired this year, none better deserves its demise than GWEILO DIARIES [site no longer operating, but here is a review of it on Danwei]...

BAD PORN SITE LEAST SUCCESSFULLY MASQUERADING AS A BLOG : The judges were unanimous in their decision that no Hong Kong blogger cums (geddit???) anywhere near SEE LAI for the high quantity and low quality of pictures of scantily clad women...

LEAST DULL ENTRY BY BIG WHITE GUY : BWG managed to make nearly all his posts uniformly uninteresting this year.  However, the judges finally gave this prize to his three-sentence item 'You Dirty Rat', on pest control - a hard subject to make boring...

BIGGEST DISGRACE TO HONG KONG BLOGGING : No blog lets the Hong Kong blogging community down like EASTSOUTHWESTNORTH, who among other things translates Hong Kong Chinese newspaper articles into English and provides critical and illuminating commentary.  What's more, he actually knows what he's writing about.  Several of the NTSCMP judges have become regular readers.  What is happening in the world when someone produces a worthwhile blog?

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