US conservatives against China

The Peking Duck blog says: It's coming - the US conservative backlash against China. The post links to a piece on the conservative Weekly Standard's website which makes this point:

If the Bush administration is serious about preserving American hegemony, it needs to devote greater attention in its second term to balancing against China's rise in Asia, rather than simply appeasing it.

The Standard article is here. You can find other people who want to preserve American hegemony at the Project for the New American Century; check out any article written by the obsessive Ellen Bork in the East Asia section which you can find here.

Another recent dumping-on-China story in the American media is on MSNBC here. It's titled 'China fails the tsunami test' and complains that China did not send any navy vessels for the relief effort.

For a different perspective, have a look at the stories about China's tsunami aid efforts at the bottom of this Xinhua roundup of tsunami news.

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