Wang Xiaofeng is Time magazine Person of the Year

One of your correspondent's long time favorite Chinese bloggers, Wang Xiaofeng, has been named Time Person of the Year.

But, he's not the only one. In fact Time's person of the year for 2006 is "you". They explain: "Yes, you. You control the Information Age. Welcome to your world."

The article includes profiles of "15 citizens—including a French rapper, a relentless reviewer and a real life lonely girl—of the new digital democracy". The profile of Wang is here.

An extremely annoying aspect of the 15 profiles is that none of them link to the websites that made these people "citizens of the new digital democracy". So old media.

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Comments on Wang Xiaofeng is Time magazine Person of the Year

"He might be the most respected blogger in China, precisely because he respects almost nothing."

While I agree that the world doesn't need more 'par for the course' "artists" or whatever people call themselves these days by making some mediocre crapola I would rather people just ignored it rather than pinpoint all of the flaws contained within it. Most of the stuff is obvious. Why add to the clutter?
There are plenty of bands in China that are very safe in my humble opinion. While they are not obligated to fight the system within their music it would be fresh to see one or two of them actually attempt it. They just complain and complain because no one outside of China really cares about their subpar albums.
It seems to me that this is what Modern China is all about. Its filled with people that don't contribute to society but to criticize. Instead of Wang Xiao Feng (King Small Wind from some not so good translation of his name should be his moniker) making something of his own to compete with those he criticizes he would rather just wine, complain, bitch, and moan about everyone else's horrible art, music, etc. etc. And now I leave this post as I realize I am doing the same by complaining about him.

>>it would be fresh to see one or two of them actually attempt [to fight the system]

It would certainly be "fresh" -- if you define "fresh" as "talented young musicians catching aids in prison".

"fresh" as in you Shan are a smart-ass.

Why do you suggest that all prisoners have AIDS?

My point was that these alledged "ground-breakers" don't stand for anything. Their idea of commentary is being lazy and being critical.

Would prison be any different from a native's life outside of prison? Why not risk it...go to prison. How could life get any worse for most of them?

shan the smart ass - the most accurate four words ever read on danwei

fritz made a very good point: that a lot of so called underground music in China is in fact so far above the ground you need an elevator to get to it. Hip hop for example has been a tool of protest and objection in the US - in China they dress the part, get the tattoos, but rap about eating kebabs on chang an da jie.

But of course, shan, as usual, knows better and pops up with a snide comment.

To bad his webpage has been blocked for a week now...

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