"We try to be original if at all possible"

There is a tatty Hong Kong blog called, or Not The South China Morning Post — geddit? The person behind the blog is a fellow who refers to himself as "Dr. George Adams".

The blog describes itself thusly: "Founded in 1997, NOT The South China Morning Post is Hong Kong's premier independent English publication and is committed to press freedom."

Despite the pomposity, is worth an occasional read: it is sometimes very funny. However, once in a while you have to wonder what they put in the nose candy sold in Hong Kong:

At NTSCMP we try to be original if at all possible. Nearly all our material is our own or manipulated/altered to create something new and distinctively ours. We also do not link in our content column unless absolutely necessary. Hyperlink mania is the sign of the tatty blog, not the pioneering, vibrant, world-famous, established e-zine. We also don't usually think that a link will do as an update but there are exceptions. This online collection of all the Private Eye covers is one. Enjoy Ugandan Discussions and think how awful Spike's covers were in comparison. You have to have a big brain and even bigger balls to be a satirist, after all. The men at NTSCMP are beaters. Naturally.

LINK: (no permalink to above-quoted item).

UPDATE: Email from "Dr. George Adams":

Please no more links from you to NTSCMP.
We'd rather not have your readers reading us if you don't mind!
Oh, regarding what you say about us, have you ever heard of irony?
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