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The Chinese premier Wen Jiabao's performance during the earthquake relief effort over the last two weeks has given his popularity a powerful boost. And now someone has started a Facebook fan page for him that so far has more than 12,000 supporters.

Wen, or 'Baobao' as many of his supporters call him, has had a legion of online fans for several years, a long time before the Sichuan earthquake. See for example this Danwei post: A portrait of the Premier as a young man (from 2007).

In 2005, a blog appeared on a popular blog host service that was allegedly written Wen (see this Danwei post).

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Twitter user "christ" plays on religious fears. Actions * accept christ or, deny christ

bocaj you might also enjoy these:

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If you look hard enough you'll find Hu Jintao's son has a Facebook page.

Want an interesting website by a (ethnically, not nationally) Chinese politician? Try this one:
Lim Kit Siang, in Chinese and English

pow: Gosh, so he does! But he only has two friends :(

Lim has only two friends? Must be because he belongs to an ethnic minority in Malaysia. His party has a lot of members, but one politician is seldom a friend of the other.

So what?
So he is actually for once doing his job.
Why glorify him for doing his job?
This is total crap.
We don't get any award besides our small salaries for doing our job. We don't become heros.
If he were a hero he would have ensured that so many children didn't die from crappy-built schools.
See where he is in a week's time, a month's time, a year. He won't be living in a tent amongst rotting corpses.
He is just as much a Schiesse as all politicians in every country.
None of them give a rat's ass about us so long as they keep us quiet enough so that they don't lose their position of power.

Facebook have deleted Wen Jiabao's fan page. He was among the top 5 most popular politicians before the deletion. Someone has created a new fan page for Wen. Let's see how long it takes before the Facebook censors get to that one.

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