What do Danwei readers want?

Welcome back to the work unit. This is a soft launch: the site is still being tinkered with and may be unreliable until next week. In the meantime, here is a list of the most common search terms on Danwei since we uploaded the archives. Do you detect a theme?

1 danwei
2 jacking off
3 muzi mei
4 menbox
5 muzimei
6 mu zimei
7 mu zi mei
8 sex diary
9 harisu
10 miss china
11 hao lulu
12 most wanted
13 pictures of bill clinton
14 advertising in china
15 sun dawu
16 beijing sex
17 miss china
18 song meiling
19 unipeak
20 dogy style

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+ Culture and corporate propaganda in Soho Xiaobao (2007.11): Mid-2007 issues of Soho Xiaobao (SOHO小报), illustrating the complicated identity of in-house magazines run by real estate companies.
+ Internet executives complain about excessive Net censorship (2010.03): Internet executives complain about excessive Net censorship at an officially sanctioned meeting in Shenzhen.
+ Crowd-sourced cheating on the 2010 gaokao (2010.06): A student in Sichuan seeks help with the ancient Chinese section of this year's college entrance exam -- while the test is going on!
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