Whole lotta love (as long as it's healthy)


In China talking openly about sex and sex practices may embarrass a few people and raise some eyebrows; but writing about it in magazine columns, websites and online forums doesn't embarass anybody. And as long as the content is labelled as baojian (staying healthy) or kexue (scientific), and it doesn't contain graphic pictures, you will not incur in anybody's censorship or criticism, prudish Chinese authorities included.

Take for example the website*. It boasts informative articles that go from 'The highest level of a blow job', to 'I don't mind if my wife is promiscuous' or 'Homosexuality in the Han Dynasty'. The website features other sections with information about sexual psychology, health, venereal diseases, and the usual community forums. But is in good company. Just do a search for '性文化‘ (sex culture)in a search engine, and you'll discover dozens of Chinese websites talking about similar topics.

Lots of information about sex is good for you. On this issue, straight-laced places like Italy, the country I come from, could probably learn a lesson or two from Chinese media.

*Diao Chan is one of the four legendary Chinese beauties

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