Xinhua: Book throws harsh questions on Chinese sex education

Xinhua's English site reports on a new book about the poor state of sex education in China:


A recent book portraying 13 high school students as "roses concealed in a school bag" for being brave to have sex but lacking knowledge and intimidated to share their stories has raised questions about China's sex education.

    "Roses Concealed in the School Bag" was written by a youth researcher and a youth media professional based on a survey of 13 Chinese students born between 1980 and 1984 who had sex in high school and has thrown harsh questions and challenges on China's sex education...

    Openly disseminating sexual knowledge used to be taboo in China, but as the country becomes more open to the world, compulsory courses opened in some Beijing high schools and condom vending machines appeared in some colleges...

Sun Yunxiao, another writer of the book and vice director of the China Youth Research Institute, said he originally planned to write the survey result into a book report and hopefully exert influence on the decision-making educational officials, but "as we went on with the survey, we felt the result should go public and the whole society should move to deal with the pressing issue."

    "The purpose of solely promoting the idea of keeping a virgin and preventing sex from happening is outdated now with great changes in people's way of thinking."

The Xinhua story is here. The image above was pinched from Xinhua who attribute it to

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