Xinhua handles the breast and booty contradictions

This image is from Xinhua News Agency's new advertising campaign:


Just kidding.

It's actually a photograph from Xinhua's extensive collection of images from the European Football Cup.

If you don't like sports, you may be more interested in Xinhua's gallery of Victoria's Secret images:


Xinhua is 100% state-owned. That is the same state that used to prattle on about spiritual pollution. The same state that controls the Cultural Bureau whose uptight censors told Britney Spears that she must dress decently if she wants to perform in China.

To quote Chairman Mao: To imagine that no contradictions in our society exist is a naive idea which is at variance with objective reality.

The European Cup images are here, Xinhua's Victorian Secret is here.
You can find an English translation of Chairman Mao's essay On the Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People here.
Thanks to Shanghai Eye for the football link.

UPDATE: Interfax reports: "China's state news agency Xinhua has recently published an editorial entitled "Who is supporting pornographic websites?," indicating that a group of telecom operators, online content providers and financial units have formed a partnership on the operation of pornographic websites."

Good question Xinhua. The Interfax story is here.

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