Xinhua proofing

Xinhua today released a wire story about Mulam minority peasants in Guangxi getting prosperous, complete with proofing notes:

Luocheng county was for years one of the poorest regions in China. In 1999, the county government (called on) (Meaning what? forced, granted subsidies, politely asked) the people to plant downy grape, which grows well in the local environment...

...To date, the local farmers have planted 3,700 hectares of downygrape and their per capita net annual income has (decupled) (This is not a word in my dictionary) to 1,120 yuan (130 US dollars) more than the 1984 level.

Decupled is not a word in my dicitonary either.

According to the article the Mulam "are an aboriginal people of southern China and the word "Mulam" means "mother" in their local dialect. During the Song (960-1279) and Yuan (1271-1368) dynasties, the Mulam maintained features of their matriarchal society."

The Xinhua story is here. Thanks to Ken Fletcher for the tip.

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