XINHUA TODAY: Post-meeting activities and breathless editors facing Kelly Brook


The websites of state-owned lads mag and news agency Xinhua are always worth a visit, and not only for the girlie pics. Xinhua publishes a vast amount of news, opinion and propaganda on a daily basis, and there is always something interesting for the China watcher.

Today on Danwei we begin a new regular feature: a roundup of Xinhua stories.

Xinhua's Chinese website homepage always has one large blue headline, although this headline often seems written expressly for the purpose of telling the reader nothing at all. Today's headline is:

New session of People's Congress: Ensure regulated activities after the closure of the Congress

That's big news eh? Other stories in Chinese on Xinhua include:

- America's Time magazine reports on 'China's new revolution'; Mao Zedong portrait on the cover
- Koizumi visits South Korea; Korean masses burn Japanese flag
- A secret investigation into Beijing's economic houses: who really got previously sold houses (Economic houses are only supposed to be sold or given to people under a certain income level, but naturally there is a lot of skullduggery.)

Meantime, over on Xinhua's English site, the top story is:



The resolution which was passed last Friday by parliament of Ishigaki City, south Japan's Okinawa Prefecture, and requires the mayor and parliament members to go to China's Diaoyu Islands to make so-called "inspections " is a serious infringement on China's territorial sovereignty.

The lead photo — of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon meeting Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing — illustrates an article titled: Chinese FM meet Israeli, Palestinian leaders.

Other stories on Xinhua's English website inlcude:

- Chinese farmers told to stop using antiviral on poultry
- Haagen-Dazs apologizes for substandard operation
- Millionaire, family murdered in Northern China

Last but not least, Xinhua's resident girlie pic editors are not slacking from their duties to build socialism. Here are two photo albums titled Can you breathe when facing Kelly Brook? (above image is a screengrab from Xinhua) and Angela Jolie's new look .

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