Celebrities on Sina write fake fan comments

Ji Sha's blog: "I love you, my whole class loves you"

China's biggest blog host Sina has recently upgraded its blogging system. A bug in the new system has caused some revealing and laughable accidents: The real identities of some of the fans who post sugary comments anonymously on some entertainment celebrities' blogs were revealed, and turned out to be the celebrities themselves.

Self-promotion and egos aside, it seems curious that these celebrities would waste their precious time engaging in this kind of childish behavior.

Jin Sha, a singer, actress and one of the self-commenting bloggers, wrote on her blog about her feeling after what she did was exposed.

It was when I opened my blog and few people knew about it, so I just entertained myself a little bit with those anonymous posts. I didn't expect that when it was upgraded, anonymous comment became "posted by hosts". So embarrassing.

The image above is a screen grab of Jin's own 'fan' comments:

- You are so cute behaving like a little boy.
- I love you!! My whole class love you!
- Jin Sha sister you are my favorite star, all boys @%^$&*

Zhou Jie talks to himself

The image to the right is a screen grab from the blog of Zhou Jie, an actor most famous for starring as Er Kang, a charming Qing dynasty prince in the 1998 TV drama Huanzhu Princess.

- I have read your book. Great book. Support for you. Wish you well.
- I forgot, I am the first one today.
- I know you are working on Fengshenbang (a Chinese TV series) I hope everything goes well. Want to watch your new work.
- This blog reminds me of the days when you were starring in Huanzhu Princess

—All said by Zhou Jie to himself.

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i think that was only accidental things right..?
they have been popular already, no need to make a fake comment on their blog.

This blog reminds me of the days when you were starring in Huanzhu Princess [from 1998].

there's so much pathos in this self-comment that life seems almost unbearable to me now that i've read it.

Chinese pop stars are so incredibly and refreshingly lame. That's why I love them. Wan sui to all of them.

To Jun: Hahahaha.

Anyway, this is definitely one embarrassing glitch. Maybe they should just consider opening another blog account before putting their own comments. :P

I think that would work~~ :P

It's nice to hear these types of news though. Just proves that celebrities really make efforts to have a good name--one way or another. :P (Though this is really not one of the ways to do it.)

lol, wansui, Sillybrities, they did a good job!!!

Celebrities posting on their own blogs... what's next? Regular people posing as celebrities to leave comments that bear little or no relation to the actual article at hand?

Were someone to ever do that using my name I'd be enraged, so much so that I might well be inclined to eat the poster's liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

On an unrelated note: I though that "Sir Anthony Hopkins" fellow did a fine acting job in the film "Bad Company" - They should make a sequel to that one, don't you think? Perhaps a remake of "Titus" would be in order as well...

by the way, can I just say that the danwei contributor 'mike' is really cool and always has interesting things to say...

mike reminds me my friend mike :)

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