Young Chinese blogger worries about the Nanny

Leylop is a young Chinese female blogger from Hangzhou, who has been travelling almost constantly since she graduated from university last year. She is currently in Pakistan, fresh from a visit to India where she visited Dharamsalaa aka Mcleod Ganjj, where the Dalaai Laama lives.

Leylop's blog is hosted in China. Yesterday, she wrote:

Big brother is watching

I got an email from my hosting company, they asked me to get registered in a government's site. It's a new policy from the information department or something; if I don't do it, my website will be closed and I'll be fined. I just checked the government's site, I have to give them my full name, ID number, address, cell phone number... So they'll know who I am and they'll be watching me. I guess if I say something they don't like, they can go and catch me easily. Stupid, next year I'll find a hosting company outside China.

Big Brother is watching
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