Young people who were meant to be Red Guards

China Digital Times reports:

Hero to Traitor: The Difference a Day Makes

After excoriating a respected news editor for advocating greater freedom of speech and venting their anger on a Chinese student at Duke University for trying to promote dialogue between pro-China and pro-Tibet protestors, Chinese nationalists have turned their sights on a new, and frankly shocking, target: Jin Jing, the wheelchair-bound fencer declared a national hero last week after using her frail body to protect the Olympic flame from protesters in Paris. Jin’s crime? Expressing doubts over plans for a boycott of French retailer Carrefour–a boycott motivated in large part by the treatment she received in Paris.

The China Digital Times post linked above translates a post by Liang Fafu of Lanzhou, since harmonized. The last sentence:

"From these actions you can what type of creatures these nationalists are".

See also ESWN's translation of a post by Ramblings of a Drunkard blog: To The Netizens Who Are Cursing Me

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“Jin Jing??? A cultureless, brainless stupid c*nt!!! And she’s a torch bearer…I demand we rip the torch from her hands!!!”
(Quoted in CDT article)

What can you say?

crazy FQs, just ready to jump anyone now. you could be next.

Or they have a sense of humour...

This is slick information manipulation at its finest. For one thing, angry anonymous rantings posted on the internet are just that, angry anonymous rantings. Specific comments made by separate individuals from separate forums are highlighted to perpetuate the reification of random data into a singular Chinese gestalt consciousness thereby projecting the image of contradiction and illogic upon all Chinese in totality. It only really works because it relies on the observers per-conceived notions and more importantly the cartelization of communication that language differences impose.

In other words, I could cherry pick post X by individual Y from forum Z saying that the Pope's visit blessed America and invigors the faithful while contrasting it to post A by individual B at forum C denouncing him as the Anti-Christ and damning all the Papists to hell and claim that America and by extension Americans were incoherent psychotics. This would be made "true" if my audience did not speak English and most importantly were already pre-disposed to think of America(ns) as incoherent psychotics.

Jin Jing's comment on the issue is modest. I personally agree with her. I feel most people around agree with her.

Boycotting Carrefour is not bad if it is a way to express concerns. But boycotting Carrefour to make it suffer long term monetary loss, is stupid.

Jing - you are so right. This is why we should all go back to reading newspapers. The web gives an illusion of reality, in which the loudest voices are seen as representative.
Not that I'm biased.

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