Xinhua: Actress shows sex tapes to media

So, I put my sex tapes online and held a press conference, it doesn't mean I'm seeking publicity
Xinhua reports:
Actress reveals sex tapes

Actress Zhang Yu [张钰] showed the media Tuesday more than 20 videotapes of her having sex with famous Chinese directors and actors, at a hotpot restaurant in Beijing, The Beijing News reported Wednesday.

In September 2003, the then-unknown Zhang became nationally famous after telling the press that she had videotapes and other evidence to prove that director Huang Jianzhong had sex with her friend, Xiaoxia (real name not disclosed), in front of her June 1, 2002.

Zhang said Huang had hinted many times that he would offer her roles in his TV series if she had sex with him. Zhang later said she did not want to have sex with Huang, but being worried she would lose the opportunity to act in the TV series, she asked Xiaoxia to be her "substitute."

... At Tuesday's press conference, Zhang admitted again that she had received all her roles by sleeping with directors...

...Zhang also said she was writing an autobiography titled "Days in Showbiz" and would continue her suit against Huang and other directors.

Yesterday, Zhang took her campaign to the Internet by releasing two video statements, including excerpts from the tapes. She says that publishing the videos online is a response to critics who say that her accusations and the tapes are just a way for to hype herself.

This online video response is of course just another way for to hype herself. And Internet companies are cashing in on the action too.

Below is the sensationalistic banner at the top of's special page about Zhang. At the left of the banner is a photo of Huang Jianzhong, one of the accused directors.


Zhang also has a blog on Sina.

Video sharing website Yoqoo is also enjoying the fuss. Zhang videos — two of them so far — are on a Yoqoo page. You can also watch the first one below. Note that Yoqoo have superimposed a second Yoqoo logo over the video, just to make sure that everyone knows the original source of the video no matter where it's reproduced.

The naked scenes in the video have the naughty bits pixellated, but it remains sordid. According to Yoqoo's own stats, this video had been viewed almost three million times at the time of writing.

UPDATE: There's lots more video here, including a spoof video about Zhang Yu.

UPDATE 2:Both Yoqoo and the page linked above have removed all the Zhang Yu videos, apparently by order (see
this story - Chinese)

Vaguely related: Xinhua's also paying attention to naughty bits with a new installment of their frequent lingerie galleries.

Have fun out there on the Internet kids, just keep it harmonious and stay away from the degenerate stuff on Wikipedia!

NOTE: Comments are closed on this post. Sorry to have inflamed opinion and acted like a tabloid, and now come on like a Puritan, but comments full of ugly language are not acceptable here.

There are currently 3 Comments for Xinhua: Actress shows sex tapes to media.

Comments on Xinhua: Actress shows sex tapes to media

I am oddly not surprised by any of this.

Except maybe the part where she told the media at a hot pot place.

I'm very uncomfortable with Danwei's "angle" on this.

Sex for work is a huge part of the Chinese film/TV industry -- and it's great to see any kind of light shone on the whole sordid mess.

Zhang appears, to me, to be a confused girl fighting terrible injustice and dispicable chauvanism in a tragically compromised way.

Danwei can do better than sneer, I think.

While is it disgusting what the directors and producers are doing (and this problem is not isolated to the entertainment industry, nor China, to sleep one's way to the top of Hollywood is a well known cliche), it is equally disgusting what Ms. Zhang has done and is doing.

You can not get your hands dirty and then cry foul. She agreed to the sex in exchange for the parts, and in so far as I gather, she got them. She was not forced, she even pimped out one of her friends! I doubt she would be making such rackus if she became popular. In the end she is just crying sour grapes. You can't take the moral high ground if you don't have morals yourself.

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