Zhang Yu: Open and hidden shamelessness

Last week actress Zhang Yu (张钰) showed video tapes of her and a friend having sex with famous Chinese directors and producers, which she submitted as proof of her assertions that sex-for-roles is the standard hiring procdure in the industry (see Danwei story: Xinhua: Actress shows sex tapes to media.

Subsequent to that story, Zhang Yu was interviewed by a reporter from Southern Weekend. ESWN has translated the article. Excerpt:

Zhang Yu: I will use open shamelessness against hidden shamelessness

Q: What is your purpose for disclosing these videotapes now?
A: I want to show everybody just how far these people have gone. If I did not show these videotapes, everybody is going to say that I am just hyping it up or playing games. But after I produce the ironclad evidence, everybody now thinks that I am being vicious and striking low blows in order to get something...

...Q: In your Open Letter to the People of China, you questioned the equality of men and women. "Could it be that women must be virtuous and gentle, and submit themselves to all the unfair 'criticisms' and 'opinions'?" Do you feel that the world is demanding too much from women?
A: It is just so unfair. If I can be restrained, then so must you. That is why I will not accept it. I am someone who was robbed, and you are the robber. As the victim, I have to keep my mouth shut. As the robber, you don't have to do that ... right? Instead, you declare that you would be stupid not to take advantage and besides, you have to nothing to lose...

...Yes, reality has given me a very good lesson. There will never be a man that I can trust in this society.

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Your choice of excerpts is interesting. Based on your selections, I suspect my take on this issue is somewhat different from yours. I might be wrong.

Since Mike isn't here to shill for my blog, it has become incumbent on me to do so myself - hopefully you just might find it interesting (and thanks for the previous plug, Mike - I really do appreciate it). Here is the link for my contribution on this topic:

If you think it's drivel, I apologize for wasting your time.



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