Zhang Ziyi bikini photos on the Chinese Internet

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On very same day that the China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center criticized many of China's major websites for "vulgar and unhealthy" content, some rather revealing paparazzi photos have appeared all over the Chinese Internet.

The photos apparently show actress Zhang Ziyi and her fiancé Vivi Nevo on a beach.

The photos are available on hundreds of web pages on websites as diverse as the popular Tianya forum (cited in the document criticizing websites for being vulgar) and the website of People's Daily (not cited in the criticism document).

Zhang's manager responded to the photos (translated from QQ):

Ziyi and her fiance were vacationing on a private beach enjoying a normal part of life for the two of them. This is a matter of personal privacy. I sympathize with Ziyi and with all celebrities who have had their privacy invaded. It is difficult for them to enjoy vacations and even ordinary, everyday life.

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Comments on Zhang Ziyi bikini photos on the Chinese Internet

very yellow, very sandy.

Very yellow, very little. Disappointing!

My wife was looking at this on QQ last night (daytime in China) and the comments were coming in at a rate of a about 10 per second! This won't be a big boost to her reputation, that's for sure.

Also, she looks emaciated; I was never a big fan but I no longer find her attractive in the least.

My strongest condemnation to the paparazzi who took these pictures and those who carry on spreading them on the Internet!!!!!!

Ziyi is strong! She will not be hurt by you stupid bastards!!!

I guess once she went white, she never looked back...

these photos mean nothing, it's just part of the normal life.

looks like they wiped these off the big websites pretty quickly

I love her ,support her,leave her own life to her.

i am yellow
so what

It's unfortunate for Zhang Ziyi that their private holiday was captured in photos, but people love her, and the paparazzi are motivated. This is sure to reignite the debate about the bounds of privacy and Internet content, ala Edison Chen.

don be childish.. don commented on others people's life..FXXK

I just observed the two Hecaitou animated photo flicks of Zhang Ziyi on Roland's blog (EastSouthWest North).
In the first one, she's simply doing push-ups. (她来做俯卧撑的) What's wrong with that? Wasn't there a Chinese journalist last year who had his photo taken doing nude push-ups all over the motherland?
The other Zhang Ziyi film stars a European boyfriend giving her bare buns some lip service. I don't understand the ensuing outrage among China's netizens; shouldn't they be proud that even the white man must kiss a Chinese woman's ass once in a while? (God knows how many times I've had to do it without ever touching a derriere!)

Now I witness an elderly of her when she was 18!

Yes you can't compare this with Edison, but she should sue whoever took the photos.

Such silly comments! The immaturity of your readers astounding!

It is not pornography so what is the problem.
It is a shame that she has to keep her clothes on while in a private situation.

zhang looks very sexy, especially the bra

Hong Kong trash-newspapers are full of this kind of papparazzi photos of Chinese stars.
The only reason of the present scandal is because the one sitting next to Zhang Ziyi is not Chinese.

some actress and celebrity are likewise doing semi nude and complete nude, no matter her skin was white, yellow or any color.
some actress and celebrity are likewise going out with man different from her skin color.

it's her private life, not our business.

It's nothing wrong, she's human with feelings n urges just like us, anyway she looks good in RED.

That's so random. Who cares???

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