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Johnny Walker beats Black Label knock-off

Borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry

Diageo, the owner of the Johnny Walker liquor brand, has been awarded 1.25 million yuan in an intellectual infringement lawsuit. China Daily reports:

In 2006, Diageo Brands B.V. and its Shanghai branch found Blueblood (Shanghai) Wine Co had used a packaging similar to that of its Black Label on a whisky named Polonius, and lodged a complaint to the local commerce bureau.

Blueblood was fined but continued to use the packaging. So Diageo filed a suit with the Shanghai No 2 Intermediate People's Court, demanding 2 million yuan compensation.

According to the verdict, Diageo owns Jonnie Walker, a Scotch whisky created in 1820. The whisky is sold in 150 cities in China, and achieves sales revenue of 320 million yuan a year.

So that's good for the Black Label. What about the red?

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