IP and Law

Apple music store sells Chinese tunes

Can Apple compete with free downloads on Baidu?

From iPod watch website iPod News Network:
Apple ... added a large collection of Chinese music to the US version of the iTunes Music Store. Through a deal with The Orchard, the leading distributor and marketer of independent music in the world, iTunes now features the exclusive western launch of China's No. 1 paid download, "Mouse Loves Rice", along with thousands of other tracks from 20 of China's largest music labels.

Sounds good for Apple: there are a lot of Chinese people in the U.S. who might start buying their music online. But can Apple convince them to pay for songs like "Mouse Loves Rice" (老鼠爱大米) when an MP3 search on Baidu for the song shows you 750 different websites where you can get it for free?

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