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Baidu: "Are you sure you want to download illegal music?"


Baidu has added an extra click-through layer to its MP3 search function in an apparent attempt to distance itself from allegations of piracy.

Previously, clicking on an MP3 search result would download the file directly, but now it leads you to a page containing the warning translated below:

Baidu MP3 warns you: At the request of the user, the Baidu search engine system will automatically provide links to third party web pages without human assistance. "Baidu" does not store, control, edit, or modify the information on the linked third party web pages. Baidu highly respects the protection of intellectual property rights, and has established a principle of taking measures that work toward the legal benefits of protected rights holders. Should the rights holder send to Baidu a "rights notice," Baidu will take steps according to the law to remove relevant content or hide relevant links. Please see Baidu's copyright statement.

It's unclear whether this strategy will work - Baidu is essentially taking their courtroom argument and clarifying it for their users, but nothing has fundamentally changed in the areas the record companies are displeased with.

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