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The Party approves of Jeremy Goldkorn

Xuer Khawa Dan: hotter than me, but didn't make the People's Daily cut

A few weeks ago, Newsweek published a long story by Ralph Jennings called The Drifters: Why Young Expatriates Are Heading to Beijing. It told the stories of several long term expatriates in China, of which your correspodent was one as was Xuer Khawa Dan, pictured above.

The first line of the article mentioned me. The story was more than 1,300 words long and recounted a few foreigners' tales of settling in China, and starting businesses or careers here.

Today the People's Daily published a story titled Foreign drifters in China. The first line mentioned me: Jeremy Goldkorn has hung out in Beijing for six years, drifting from job to job....


The story also mentions 'Kaiser', the rock musician, journalist and Beijing counter-cultural heavyweight also featured in the Newsweek story, but for some reason does not include his surname Kuo.

The People's Daily story is 494 words long, and I am not entirely sure what the point of publishing it is.

Nonetheless, I will take this as a sign that the People's Daily and thus the Party approve of Danwei's activities. Correct me if I'm wrong in the comments please, Mr 中宣部.

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Jeremy I think for a "drifter" you are doing a very good job in Beijing by monitoring and getting behind the wheelings and dealings of the media industry in China. I still remember your story about the fishy Ming Pao/Redgate Media/Media2u deal and you see through these fishy "concept listing" deals. The 4 magazines in Media2u are so bad beyond words. And the only publication from Ming Pao side that make money is Ming Pao Weekly among dozen other loser magazines. And yet, when they pool all these mediocre magazines together and form the One Media Group. They got listed in Hong Kong! i was thinking who was stupid enough to buy the OMG shares just based on these dodgy concept! Now Rolling Stone, one half of the promised future of OMG, died a sudden death, and the other half, MPW's monthly version in China, still needs to prove it's worth in the long run. I feel sorry for those who actually buy these kind of concept shares such as OMG.

Oh, forgot to wrap up my comment. Keep up the good work!

If you are approved, then that's the kiss of death. Next you'll be speaking at the Party School and ganbei-ing with next week's Beijing Vice-Mayor.

Does this mean that there will be special-edition Danwei-branded leatherette laoban bags on sale at the Silk Market?

Congrats, albeit I am slightly worried about Danwei's recent streak of self-indulgent posts.

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