30 periodicals banned

Xinhua reports: China has banned 30 periodicals in the country, accusing them of counterfeiting or illegally using the registration number of other periodicals, reported Wednesday's Guangming Daily.


The article goes on to say:

In recent years, these illegal periodicals set up editor's headquarters, branch offices or other agencies in China to conduct publishing and distribution activities and make huge profits by charging high fees for advertisement, the paper said, quoting the State Administration of Press and Publication (SAPP).

"Their illegal publication activities not only disturbed the nation's management system and market order of publication, but also misled and deceived the general public, thus harming the legitimate rights of consumers," the SAPP was quoted as saying.

The legitimate rights of consumers? The SAPP must be giving its spokespeople training in the art of spin.

The Xinhua article is here.

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