Anita Mui on Sanlian Life Weekly

Anita Mui is on the cover of the January 12 issue of Sanlian Life Weekly (sanlian shenghuo zhoukan). Known as Mei Yanfang in Mandarin, Mui died on December 30, 2003 at age 40 of cervical cancer. She was a prolific pop star and actress who released 46 albums and starred in more than 40 movies.


The coverline is: Yesterday's beauty is no more - Mei Yanfang - 1963 - 2003. Other articles in the issue cover SARS, cars, the Chongqing gas field explosion, and comic book artists. Sanlian Life Weekly is produced by the China Publishing Group and Sanlian Books which also owns the Sanlian Bookstore, probably the best bookstore in Beijing.

Below is a better photograph of Anita Mui than the one on the Sanlian cover.


Asian-American pop culture site Destroy All Monsters has a review of Mui's life and work here; there is a well rounded obituary on an Australian music website here; a comprehensive fan site is here.

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