Caijing, after all these years

On the 18th of June 2002, published a story by Dan Slater asking this question: "Cajing is a magnificent anomaly. But how long can it last if it keeps losing dubious defamation cases?"

Caijing is still around. Here is the first paragraph of the story:

Last month, Caijing, the crime-busting magazine leading the fight against financial malpractice on the Mainland, was sued in a Shenzhen court and lost. The plaintiff, Shenzhen Fountain had filed a defamation suit asking for RMB 3 million against the magazine and one of its freelance writers. The court ruled Caijing owed the company RMB 300 000. In the article, the author had accused the company of irregular accounting practices which had led to inflated profit figures."

To sum up and incorporate the last few years, Caijing has a history of taking risks to criticize the powerful. For which it has often had trouble, stuff that is described in professional Chinese media jargon as 'shit happening'.

Nonetheless, Caijing is still very much around, as Asian Labour News points out, herehere.

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