China Newsweek goes to Japan

Monthly China News, September 2007.

China Newsweek a news weekly published by the China News Service, China's second-largest news agency. The magazine began publication in late 1999.

In May, the agency launched a Japanese edition called Monthy China News (月刊中国NEWS, according to the nameplate); its Japanese publication partner is the Japan China News Agency Ltd. (日中通信社), publisher of a line of Chinese instructional materials and Japanese translations of Chinese literature.

The formal launch issue, which featured a smiling baby on the cover, came out in July and sold about 42,000 copies.

The magazine is geared at educating Japanese readers about China. According to a report in the China Press and Publishing Journal:

The Japanese edition of China Newsweek...covers Chinese politics, economics, environment and resources, culture, education, sports, and society, as well as Sino-Japanese relations. It is carried in over 25,000 Japanese sales locations in bookstores, subway stations, and convenience stores.

The September issue shown above features a cover photo of a panda clutching a block of ice to illustrate a story on China's efforts to fight global warming. The issue also contains a profile of Cheng Bushi, designer of the giant Y-10 aircraft, and an introduction to kunqu.

In contrast, the original China Newsweek is all news: the cover story this week concerns citizen journalism, and the magazine also covers the cardboard baozi case and the delay in reporting the "green GDP."

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