City Pictorial: President Bush is a kidult


City Pictorial is getting a little desperate for editorial ideas. The June 11 issue's cover story is entitled 'KIDULTS - refusing to grow up'.

The article features various adults who have some supposedly childish or child-like habits: CEO Charles Zhang who likes to rollerskate, and George W. Bush who fell off his bicycle. Gee, they're really whacky!


City Pictorial now also has a 'what's in and what's out' column, in which they claim that 'new concept eco-friendly archtiecture' is in. What or rather who is out? It's Paul Andreu, designer of Beijing's new National Theater and also of the part of Charles de Gaulle airport that recently collapsed.

The rest of the magazine is a melange of travel stories, articles about cars and other desirable objects, and interviews with people born in the 1970s.

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